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    Thursday, March 5, 2020   /   by Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Services


    Giving Back to the Community

    You know the song, the one that says it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Well, there is something to it and it’s called GIVING BACK. The current year is coming to a close, celebration of Christmas and other Faith Driven Holiday Celebrations. All mean different things to different people, but most always represent joy, peace, gratitude, and hopefulness.

    If you look around, you will notice a giving spirit exists unlike at other times of the year. Why can’t it be that way every day of every year? We think it can. It just takes effort, because giving back is not seasonal. Here is what we are doing and how you can help.

    Many homeowners wanting to enjoy this Holiday season are less than enthusiastic because they feel trapped. They’re desperate to exit their current home and give themselves a big Christmas Gift – a NEW place to call home.


    Furthermore, having peace of mind and getting top dollar for your home while giving back. Experience counts!

    As a result of working with over 10,000 families over 30 years and through three documented recessions, we have developed a special market-proof program to quickly get an acceptable “cash” offer on any home for market value. So, we are giving Home Owners wanting to make a move a very special gift this holiday season.

    OUR GUARANTEE to you, your friends and family
    We will guarantee, in writing, a Cash Offer within 24 Hours at a Price Acceptable to any Home Owner wanting to sell the place they call home.*
     FREE No Obligation to Sell Consultation to discuss just how they can make their move, get what they want and do it with the least hassle.

    There is some risk on my part to make such an incredible guarantee, but we are selling just about every home we list for the market value price. Sometimes even more, so there is no reason for area homeowners, your friends, and family, to fret about selling right now.
    This is where you come in… If you or anyone you know is considering making a move, we would like to offer them a FREE No Obligation to Sell Consultation to discuss just how they can make their move, get what they want and do it with the least hassle.


    We are VERY CLOSE to our goal of raising money for Best Foot Forward Foundation this year, to provide an innovative and consistent program to foster care youths, Best Food Forward Foundation depends on Sponsorships and Donations.

    As you know, we love making guarantees! Like our Buyer Satisfaction Guarantee: Love the home, or we’ll buy it back! Or our Seller Guarantee: Your Home Sold or We’ll Buy It! And we guarantee that a portion of our income WILL go to a very worthy cause like Best Foot Forward Foundation.

    Refer your family and friends

    • Who do you know considering buying or selling a home you could refer to our real estate sales team? Not only will they benefit from our award-winning real estate service, but also a very worthy cause will also benefit as well.
      Moreover, we want to make it easy to refer your friends, neighbors, associates or family members considering making a move, so here are your options:
    • You can call me direct at 517-500-5747 or pass on our number.
    • If you are receiving this issue of Homeward Bound by mail, you can complete the Referral
    • Response Card enclosed or pass along one of our business cards. Over the decades of helping families sell or buy the place they call home, we have met some of the most wonderful, loving, caring people sharing the same Go Serve Big values we do! We hope you and your loved ones have an extra special Holiday Season filled with much joy and happiness.



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